DecorPress3D plus

  • Type: Machinary
  • Info: DecorPress3D series - In stock

The DecorPress3D plus is fully customizable oven and represent the status of the art of  DecorPress3D series for customers who wants a versatile oven that accompanies you from prototyping to series of production.


In less than 3 minutes you'll be ready to sublimate your items forgetting about all the tools and the typical results of the current solutions you have in mind. No more foundry gloves, long waiting times, sublimation instability and typical poor performance of other products available in the market today!

It is based on Sublitec proprietary technologies SubliTouchSubliControlSubliVacuum and SubliWarm that will give a projection into the future of sublimation compared to current solutions available in the sublimation market

It finds its ideal use in companies with average production target, minimizing the energy consumption and the sublimation film scraps: finally this is the target oven to reduce the total costs of ownership (TCO) that every company is trying to find.

This oven is very compact and it has been optimized to reduce the energy consumption: finally, it consumes the same energy of a hair dryer. The capable worktop allows you, for example, to sublimate from one to three smartphone covers at the same time.

The DecorPress3D plus is fully customizable in term of features depending on the business model of the customer, but we suggest to adopt one of the three packaging option we use to sell: Basic, Advanced and Expert configuration.

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