Samples Gallery

  • Here, we show a series of printed objects in 3D Sublimation produced for our customers, with or without our initial intervention, to help understanding the potential of a system that is not yet completely known in the industrial sectors. Our congratulations to all our customers who have produced new objects independently, demonstrating the feasibility of doing for themselves. Enjoy!

Hair clips

Nylon hair clips completly decorated. You can see different pigmentations of plastic.

Buckles Clips

Different plastic buckles clips for luggage and knapsacks.
Also closure clips.

Costume jewelry

Different plastic materials for costume jewelry, from earrings to pendants...


The most sublimated object with 3D systems. From plastic material to nacre.

Aluminum caps

Different dimensions and shapes for this aluminum caps

Perfume bottles

Perfume bottles in glass easily decorated all around on high-resolution.


Glasses and goggles from different applications fields and different kind of plastic.

Bicycle saddles

Bicycle saddles in fake leather, treated with very flexible acrylic paint.

Belt buckles

They seem made for sublimation.
In alluminum and iron.

Door handles

Perfect combination of structure and finishing, specifically made for sublimation 3D


Another classic product by sublimation decoration


Plastic heels for trendy shoes fashion