Samples Gallery

  • Here, we show a series of printed objects in 3D Sublimation produced for our customers, with or without our initial intervention, to help understanding the potential of a system that is not yet completely known in the industrial sectors. Our congratulations to all our customers who have produced new objects independently, demonstrating the feasibility of doing for themselves. Enjoy!


Endless possibilities for the decoration on these plastic cutlery

Closures for ski boots

This plastic closures needed a great resistant printing decoration

Metallic products

Handles, buckles, tubes and every kind of metallic product


Metallic bracelets and chains for imitation jewelry 

Mudguards bike

In alluminium, treated with a UV coating for longer life

Toilet seats

Plastic material. With a scratch-resistant coating, for impressive effects


Plastic bracelets for imitation jewelry 

Ceramic products

Ceramic products with different sizes and shapes


Decorative plastic dishes. Perfect transfer also on the concavity